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Megan Steyn

Candidate Legal Practitioner

Megan’s insatiable thirst for knowledge developed into a wide range of interests that culminated in her being intrigued by the legal profession. Megan has recently joined the Richters’ team as a candidate legal practitioner, not only to gain practical experience for her ultimate admission as an attorney, but to excel in her chosen field. She eagerly tackles the high-pressure environment of the legal world with calm resolve, tenacity, and discipline.

LL.B. (Stellenbosch)

MORE ABOUT Megan Steyn

Megan’s interest in law began with her passion for debating, where at a provincial level she had to diligently research, structure and deliver compelling arguments. This naturally developed into an affinity for the legal profession, where she was able to hone in on these skills and complete her LL.B. at the University of Stellenbosch. Megan is results driven and strives for excellence, making her a competent problem-solver, analytical, and innovative thinker. These key personal attributes distinguish her from her peers and underscores her unique ability, to in the best interest of her clients, find a matter-specific legal solution amidst the intricate and evolving nature of law.

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