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Abhay Kumar Singh

Candidate Legal Practitioner

During his studies, Abhay Singh developed an affinity for litigation and dispute resolution and insolvency law, hence joining Richters as a candidate legal practioner was the right fit. Abhay is primarily focused on developing his overall legal experience and expertise for purpose of qualifying and being admitted as an attorney. With this first important step under the belt, he is committed to dedicate himself to further specialisation in the future. Abhay has a calm demeanor and diligently takes on each challenge that comes his way with professional composure and determination.

LL.B (IIE Varsity College)

MORE ABOUT Abhay Kumar Singh

Following a lifelong dream of becoming an attorney, Abhay put words into action and completed his LLB from the IIE Varsity College. At the age of just thirteen years old, his curiosity and interest in the field of law was sparked, when in the company of his father he was exposed to consultations with members of the legal fraternity, and while sitting with his aunt and hearing stories from her days in court as a prosecutor. Goal-oriented by nature, Abhay diligently works on finding a path forward or an effective solution to ensure his clients’ success. Abhay is known for his calm analytical demeanor and the fact that he does not buckle under pressure, which sets him apart from his peers. At Richters, Abhay is under the direct mentorship and tutelage of Bernhard Richter, and he works hand in hand with the rest of the team on a broad spectrum of large complex matters in the firm’s specialised practice areas. Through this process of mentorship and practical exposure to complex matters, Abhay’s confidence, experience and expertise is noticeably growing day by day.

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